SMS Applications

SMS is one of the most under-utilised business tools available, with applications limited only by imagination. In many situations, a simple SMS is a much more efficient and cost-effective means of communication than a call to a mobile phone. This is particularly important with the current legislation (in the UK) making it an offense to drive while holding a mobile phone. In many cases an SMS is perfectly adequate in conveying the information. The ability to send the same message to multiple users is also a key advantage. 

Possible application areas include:

Sales Team Management: Mobile sales teams can be notified of sales meetings, changes to schedules etc.

"In-Stock" Notices: this application area applies to vendors as diverse as estate agents, car dealers and your local supermarket.

Mobile Marketing: Keep your customers informed about special offers, new products etc.

Cancellation Notices: useful for sports centres/health clubs running aerobics classes etc.

Appointment Reminders: useful for dentists, doctors etc.

Service Reminders: for example, notify customers that their car is due a check for tyre safety etc.

And many more...




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